Rocky Mountain Love

round mountains complete cropped

The art show was a success!

On December 19th, 2015, I turned my living room into an art gallery for a day, and hosted the private art show”Two Days In Jasper”.

Despite having 2 unfinished pieces on the wall, I had my four mini’s for sale (sold 2 of them), and the one above “Round Mountains” complete. ┬áThe featured piece “Greeted By The Chief” was not for sale, and had prints matted and framed (all sold), and some gift cards available for purchase.

chief card

Between 12 – 4 pm that day I had about 30 people through the show, with tons of amazing feedback. It was such an incredible experience for me, for so many reasons. One, I love that people are even interested in my work and travels. They were curious, asked questions, and made purchases. I loved hearing which ones were people’s favourites and why, and sharing stories about driving through the Rockies (and knowing others have had similar core-shaking experiences). Secondly, it was humbling to have friends from near and far show up and share this journey with me. These are people who have seen my art evolving over the last decade, some even longer (Like, since Kindergarten). Comments like “This is a new level of professionalism for you” or “These are your best pieces yet” or “When that one is complete I want to buy it” (haha). I had people asking when the next show would be, and people buying work before others even had a chance to see it.

It looks like I may be planning another show for Spring 2016! I will make new prints (all matted this time), finish my large images, and invest some time in the line drawings I’ve been dying to do but never got to for this show.

line drawing mountain edge

Thank you to everyone who came, purchased, gave feedback, and graced me with your presence! I am overwhelmed in gratitude and joy that this show was a success.

So much Love.



Two Days In Jasper

Oh the joys of creation!

jasper 4 in series cropped

Preparing for a private art show has certainly given me the motivation needed to paint. I purchased 7 canvases in September, after my trip to Alberta, with the idea of a show in mind. I finally completed the four “mini” canvases this week (8×8 inches), but am still working on 3 larger paintings, and the show is less then 3 weeks away.

This has been a magical process for me; the first works of art I have ever created so organically. Each one takes on a life of it’s own, and although I have an idea in mind at the start, I am never sure how the ending will unfold- and I have never been happier with results. I believe without the expectation for the finished piece, it has made the process much more enjoyable. It’s an exploration, and wonderful learning experience as an artist.

The style that has resulted from this series has had wonderful feedback, and I even have a custom order in the works. This is something I would love to do more of in the future.

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