Art and Motherhood

“Mommy, I want to help!”

Does This Look Helpful?!
Does This Look Helpful?!

In the end I finished it at home two weeks later…

Frontenac Sumacs In The Autumn 2015
Frontenac Sumacs In The Autumn 2015

As my artistic journey deepens, I continue to stumble across blogs and articles about women, careers and motherhood. I should be clear: art is not my lively-hood, it is a passion and hobby I’ve returned to again and again over the years. In a way, because my other roles (Mother, ECE-assistant, yoga instructor, etc) are more urgent, my role as an artist often falls way behind the other ones. I’m slowly working on changing this, in hopes that my hobby can one day be apart of my business (yoga, wellness, art).

I will reflect more on the multiple challenges, articles and information I’ve been finding on this journey… but right now I have other work to do 😉

don't get lost detail 2


Greeted By The Chief

the cheif

In August 2015, I took a trip to Jasper, Alberta, Canada. This trip changed my life dramatically, but more then anything else it changed the direction of my art.

The photo above is one of the mountains on the left side of the highway, that gradually grew more majestic as we drove west. My sweet friend Sheila, who had grown up in Alberta, kept asking us if we could “see Chief yet.” When my eyes finally did perceive his presence, I was in awe: despite already having a powerful spiritual experience as we entered Jasper, having this sacred mountain greet us was so symbolic of what had become my Vision Quest.

I knew this would be my first painting.

chief sketch

After our two days in Jasper, we returned to Edmonton where I drew this rough sketch of what would be the first of a series of Rocky Mountain paintings. I was working a bit from memory, a bit from the photo (still on my cell phone at the time), and a bit from the feeling I had while driving through the mountains. I wanted the sensations of movement, energy and spirit.

base of chief cropped

As soon as I returned home to Ontario, I printed off all my photos and picked 7 that I wanted to start painting. I picked up 4 small canvases, 2 medium canvases and 1 large canvas. I knew this was going to be a new style and series. The first one I started was “Greeted by The Chief” on one of the small canvases.

greeted high rez

The finished painting is my favourite of the series: in a way it inspired the rest of the work. On December 19th I hosted a private art show, and this image was the only one not for sale. If you are interested in a print or gift cards though, I have some available.

chief card

You can also check out the rest of the series in the Jasper Gallery.

This is a continuing project for me, so if you are interested in updates follow me on Facebook:  Jennifer Anne Burke.