Blessed by Earth & Sky

No words can really describe the gratitude I’m feeling after yesterday’s art show. When you have a drop-in event on a long weekend, you’re taking a chance. Then when no one shows up right away you start to worry and wonder if anyone is really coming… and you remind yourself, no matter how the day goes, it was worth a try.

When flowers showed up from a friend (who has attended EVERY show I have ever done, this was the first one she missed), I felt so honoured. I knew then the day would be ok.

It was more then ok. People started coming through, at first none that I knew. They had seen the event posted on Facebook, in the local papers, or heard about it on the local radio station 89.7FM.

My friend from Toronto showed up, on way back from Prince Edward County, and what a wonderful help she was (thank you again Cheryl for your presence “Making Life Bright“)!

Next was Mallory from “SNAP Northumberland” – a lovely photographer eager to share our work in the community. She came at a good time too, shortly after Jenn and I started selling a lot of our art work.

People came from Belleville, Cobourg, Roseneath, Bomanville, and Toronto to visit our little show in Port Hope! Holy big appreciation to all of you who made the effort to help make our day such a beautiful success.

I sold all the line drawings, my only matted “Greeted by the Chief”, sold more of the prints, cards and children’s book too. Sold two of the original paintings (leaving only one of the original Jasper Series for sale at the Northumberland Hills Hospital).

jenns table

Bonus: I sold enough that I could also BUY the one I wanted to add to my personal collection “Still Lake.” Thank you Jenn for conquering this show with me!

Stay tuned for the next show… I have a trip to Lake Superior coming up in August, and I have a feeling it might inspire a new wave of art projects.





I Like To Collect Art Too

Last week I gifted myself an original work of art by Herb Jung. I had been admiring some of his “Raven” paintings at Engine Gallery  in Port Hope a few months before, but they were WAY out of my budget. A few weeks later, some smaller crow paintings arrived- in my budget (mostly). Bonus, the painting is on top of Beethoven’s Symphony #9 sheet music (my favourite composer).


After checking out the Cobourg Water Front Festival on Canada Day Weekend I knew I wanted to start collecting original art. Lucy Manely’s stuff really jumped out at me, and I’m noticing a theme in the colours I’m drawn to (blues and purples and soft yellows). I can envision a wall of my collection by a varitey of artists in similar palettes.

birth of love

My first original purchase was “The Birth of Love” by Freddy Taylor, a few years ago, at Whetung Gallery in Curve Lake. I remember my hands trembling as I keyed in my password on the debit machine… thinking how the f*ck can I afford this?! But I did it, and I now look at art as an investment. Not just for my own profit, but it’s an investment in other artists. Giving value to other’s work. Honouring their journey and process and exploration of life and art. It’s an investment in the beauty and energy of my home, and inspiration for my own work. A reflection of my beliefs and dreams.

I will often makes small affordable purchases like prints, cards and merchandise to support artists whose original work I could never afford. They all add colour and inspiration to my life. I love to explore studio tours and galleries, and I find the best way to learn is to observe. To absorb every detail, colour and brush stroke of others work. Some speak to me, some do not. Symbolism and feeling are more appealing to me then technique or realism.

This is another one I’d like to add to my personal collection:

still lake

“Still Lake” by Jennifer Trefiak. Can’t wait for our show next weekend!

Art & Community

art panorama
Panorama of all pieces going to “Earth & Sky” show

So much has been going on in my art-life. In one week “Earth & Sky” happens. Other then varnishing, I’m pretty prepared for the show. The 3 new paintings are complete and will be for sale, plus 1 large one (Sacred Landscape) will be at the show incomplete and not for sale.


There will be one of the Jasper Series missing from the show; Earth Energy ($400) is currently hanging in a show put on by Spirit of the Hills, and hosted by The Northumberland Hills Hospital. If you are in the Cobourg area, or visiting the hospital for any reason feel free to stroll down “Sumac Street” to view the show. 50% of sale for my painting go back into the community (25% spirit of hills and 25% donated to hospital). I can’t think of a better way to support both arts and wellness!


Don’t forget I also do custom work; if you like this style and are interested in exploring some personal art certainly contact me! I look forward to seeing some of you at the show, and for those of you who are unable to make it… stay tuned for next blog!



Art In Northumberland

This Canada Day weekend has been full of artistic inspiration for me. I perused the art tents at the Cobourg Waterfront Festival yesterday. Today did a stroll in Port Hope to visit my local favourite “Engine Gallery.” Finally ended at The Painted Tree (back in Cobourg) to invest in my first set of oil paints and supplies. This could be turn out to be a mess or magical or both. The first layers are drying…

Last night stumbled across an article on Georgia O’Keeffe. I love learning about other women artists. She’s another one, who remained childless, as she felt it would conflict with her art (refer to Art and Parenthood post). This is a woman, whose art I’ve never had much interest in, and yet have had people comment on my work resembling hers (or ask if it’s been inspired by her work). I am much more interested in learning about her life now, knowing her deep connection to the earth and feeling called to paint “her mountain.”

Orchid (oil pastel) by Jennifer Anne Burke

Next weekend am hoping to hit up the AGO for the Lawren Harris exhibit… he is my favourite of the famous Group of Seven. Toronto in itself is always an inspiring adventure too!

I’m getting excited about the Northumberland Studio Tour  taking place September 10th and 11th, as it’s always a great opportunity to connect with fellow friends and artists. If you’re in the area that weekend be sure to check a few out yourself!

Stay tuned for the unfoldment of the oil painting adventure… Layer two tomorrow.


Cobourg Waterfront Festival | ART

Every Canada Day weekend in Cobourg, Ontario brings us the Waterfront Festival. This year they had three tents full of art and craft vendors. I made the mistake of going in at 5pm, thinking there was only one tent, with it ending at 6pm. I left feeling inspired, not only to paint, but to share what I discovered!

waterfront fest

I think it’s really important to support artists. I am an artist, and it would be hypocritical of me to not support others! I purchased a psychedelic scarf from The Funky Clothesline (D50). Found a funky pair of earrings made out of chainmaille by Jewellery With Hartt (D51). Please go check out these artisans for yourself over the weekend! Or at least check them out online.

As a painter, it was hard to rush through these tents. Lucy Manley (A32) was the place I wish I could have stood for hours (I will likely go back tomorrow with more time and more money). Her work drew me right in, and I didn’t want to leave. It felt calm, sacred, and layered in texture, colour and brush strokes. There was an illumination to her work, perhaps a glaze or varnish, that really made them GLOW. Honestly, I rushed home and checked out her website, and the images online just cannot do the true work justice. If you ever have an opportunity to view her work in person, do it! You will not be disappointed. She has a range of subjects, but the forest scenes are my personal favourite. She has captured the magic and enchantment of the earth and woods.

Since becoming a member of Spirit Of The Hills (B5-6) I was eager to check out their booth of Northumberland artists, and I was not disappointed. Not only did they have a nice variety of art and styles, the folks running the booth were super friendly too! Betsy Miller was there sharing her expressionist abstracts, and I instantly thought of my fellow artist Jennifer Trefiak (you ladies have to meet!)- bold colours, working in knives and textures. Jan Atkinson had some great works up too!

Then there was the sweet work of Katie Flindall of Moon House Art (A15-16). Oh my goodness, as a mother this work made my heart swoon. This woman has captured the feminine, fluid, dream like experience of childhood and motherhood (in my opinion). The best part about her booth, was she had something for everyone’s budget. Like as much as I wanted to buy “The Tricycle” original, it just wasn’t in my budget. But I was able to grab up a bunch of her lovely little gift cards. She also had prints, prints on canvas, a colouring book (sooooo cool!), cloth carrying bags, and of course her amazing originals!

Wishing all of these incredible people great success at the festival this weekend- hopefully the thunder has rolled on and the sun will shine until closing time, July 3rd, 2016.

water front fest

Cobourg Waterfront Festival 2016 (July 1-3)

water front fest harbour