2016 Art Exposure

Since hosting my private art show “Two Days In Jasper” in December 2015, my passion for painting has exploded. I started this website, became a member of “Spirit of the Hills” and 2016 has been an incredible year (and it isn’t even over yet); I completed four large custom paintings, I co-hosted a successful art show “Earth & Sky” with fellow artist Jennifer Trefiak, my last painting from the original Jasper series is in a small show at our local Cobourg hospital until end of December, and currently two pieces from the second Jasper series are hanging in a one-month show in Port Hope (the show comes down at end of September).


This art community has been a blessing with so many opportunities for artists of all levels to showcase their work. I consider myself an amateur; aiming towards becoming a more professional artist. Nothing motivates me more then OTHER SUCCESSFUL ARTISTS. Motivated business people. People with ambition and vision. This community has given me that: motivation, vision and inspiration. I look forward to learning and growing with them in the future. Both showings of my work (at the hospital and at Ganaraska Art) were through this organization.

7th jasper completeNorthumberland Hills Hospital

When you enter the hospital in Cobourg, you stay to the right and see a sign “Sumac Street.” When you enter the gallery hall my piece “Earth Energy” is displayed on the left.

It is a large painting (30″x30″) priced at $400, Acrylic on Gallery Canvas. It is also the last one for sale from my original “Two Days in Jasper” series.

I consider this my “community piece” as 50% of proceeds goes back into the community.

This will be on display until December, and a new show goes up in January 2017. If this art speaks to you feel free to contact me directly for purchase (gentle_hatha@live.com). This would be a great investment in your local community- towards art and wellness!


gatewayGanaraska Art and Framing

Located at 93 Walton Street in Port Hope, this little art shop is always jam packed with a variety of local artists. During the month of September they are hosting “All That Jazz” with art on display from the members of Spirit of The Hills.

I have two pieces for sale there (one previously not for sale), both are from the second Jasper series.

the portal


Both paintings are 16″x19″ priced at $200 each. Both are Acrylic on Gallery Canvas.

The top image is “Gateway” and image to left is “Earth Bones and Sky Spirits.”

December 2016 Art Show

I have been very fortunate to have ventured north twice in the last month. Mid August I did a camping trip to Lake Superior, and at the beginning of September I re-visited a friend at French River and we did a small, but inspiring, hike through Killarney (Georgian Bay).

These trips have inspired the next series of paintings, which will all be Northern Ontario themed. Although we do not have a name or date set in stone – Jennifer Trefiak and I are planning on co-hosting our second show this December. Stay tuned for the details!


At the end of October I’m doing the long-dreamed-of-drive-across-Canada! The plan is to finally check out the Badlands, and do the full drive through the Rocky Mountains to Vancouver (then fly home). No doubt this will set the tone for 2017 art series! Plus there are plans for a trip to Paris in the fall 2017… Life just gets better and better.

Sending gratitude to all my muses!


Georgian Bay

My goodness I have been blessed by Northern Ontario this year; Blessed by good friends who share their passion of this land with me. Without them I would never know these places existed!

Since my last trip to the French River was rushed, I had to return to enjoy the company and inspiring view. When I woke up to a vibrant pink sunrise, I had to get up and sip some tea on the deck and watch the skies magically transform to full daylight.


Naturally the tranquility inspired me to pull out the sketch book and do some rough sketches in charcoal and colourful oil pastels. I had a few tearful moments sitting there, full of gratitude for these peaceful experiences and opportunity to capture them and re-create them; and this was just the beginning of the day! I had no idea what else was coming.


Back track to Jasper: my mind blowing spiritual experience of Mother Earth and her mountains. I seem to have these spontaneous moments that nature triggers- it’s like a sense of awe that knocks the wind out of me. So that happened again. This time at Killarney. Funny thing about Killarney was I didn’t realize it was Georgian Bay territory.

So the beginning of our “little” hike, I’m totally unaware exactly where we are, it’s just these beautiful rolling pink rocks. Pretty easy to walk over, you can hear the river in the distance as you walk through the trees. It’s nice. Then you reach the river, and there’s some cliffs on other side, and I can see more clearly the landscape- Big Jack Pines. I start to get “that feeling”… Like my heart is welling up inside me. We keep walking, and the landscape gets rougher, and more and more beautiful. Then we see this island, with it’s majestic trees with bent branches and energy straight out of Tom Thompson painting, or any Group of Seven Painting. At this point, I’m starting to wonder what body of water we are on- Georgian Bay?!! Whoa, suddenly it all made sense. Then I’m crying again. It’s such a strange experience, and not at all bad, but just strange how I have no control over it. Something just hits me and boom, my heart breaks open. Nature doing it’s healing work.

In all my years of travels, this is a close second to my Jasper experience (Lake Superior was pretty darn great too). There’s going to be a lot more painting happening. The December show is going to have work all inspired by Northern Ontario: Lake Superior, Georgian Bay and French River.

Here’s a sneak peak of what I have started from Superior:


“Silver Sun, Lake Superior” not complete. 12″x 18″ Acrylic on Gallery Canvas.


“Morning Skies, Lake Superior” not complete. 24″x 36″ Acrylic on Gallery Canvas.

There are 5 other canvases I’m working on from Superior alone. I’m guessing there will be another 3 or 4 coming from French River and Georgian Bay. 2016 has turned into a busy year of travel inspired art!

Don’t forget I do custom work too! Don’t be shy if you have an inquiry, contact me directly.

In Gratitude,

Jennifer Anne Burke.