Paintings of the North and West


12:30 – 3:30 PM



I will be hosting my annual art show this December at St.Mark’s Church. After last years private show going so well, I thought it was time to turn it into a public show this year. I have 12 canvases started, 2 finished, and 1 still left over from the second Jasper Series.

For those of you who attended “Two Days In Jasper” you will be even more excited to see this years show which includes Ontario’s Lake Superior, Alberta’s Badlands and Banff, and British Columbia’s Kicking Horse River Valley. This will be a much vaster variety of Canadian landscapes, from Northern Ontario to the Rocky Mountains.

sketching out the Hoodoos


This show will have something for every budget- prices ranging from $5 – $500. Whether you need a last minute gift for someone else, looking for yourself, or are just in need of some inspiration, come say hello! My favourite part of hosting a show is talking art, so don’t be shy.


I will have another artist joining me too- Caitlin Meadows of “Storey Originals.” She will have a table full of her own creations, ranging from dream catchers to sun catchers and even her own unique paintings! I’m so excited to be working with this radiant woman.

Follow the event on Facebook to keep updated on progress of show! Paintings of the North and West.

See you all there!


Canadian Landscapes

WELL. I’m struggling to start this blog entry.

A week ago today, I returned from a 9 day trip across Canada. I have a friend who moved to Vancouver, so we drove her car out west and then I flew home. Holy memories! We have been friends for 27 years (we met when were 10 and both loved art), but this was the longest stretch of time we have ever spent together (and we are still friends yeah! haha…).

Integrating everything that occurred over those 9 days, wow… hard to summarize in one blog. Even just from the artistic view point. I have gained enough inspiration to get me through a life time. Realizing how vast our country is, just makes me want to see more of it. Two days through Ontario we discovered Sault Saint Marie, Lake Superior (stopped at Katherine Cove), and Thunder Bay. In Manitoba we stayed in Winnipeg and explored “The Fork Market Place.” Then we crossed the prairies on Halloween (hence the wigs). Day 5 in Alberta we stayed in Medicine Hat, then drove to Badlands, and stopped to shop in Banff. We did the Gondola, and stayed at the Lake Louise Inn. Our final day on road was a blurr: we stopped at Lake Louise, Emerald Lake, Kicking Horse River Valley, Golden, Revelstoke and then straight to Vancouver in the dark, foggy, rainy night. But we made it alive!

I’m working on paintings now from the Alberta Badlands, Banff and Kicking Horse River Valley. This on top of the Lake Superior series I started in the fall. I will be doing a show in December, and I’m hoping to have the majority of these finished by then.

When I started getting serious about my art (after my trip to Jasper in 2015), I had a few places I wanted to check out in Ontario. I wanted to follow what the Group of Seven had started, capturing the rough and wild Canadian Landscape. Specifically (personally) I wanted to capture the Spirit or essence of the earth. This year I fulfilled all the places I had hoped to discover: Lake Superior and Georgian Bay (in Ontario, places Group of Seven painted); Badlands and Banff (Alberta).


I was fortunate to have an extra day once we made it to Vancouver, and we went to see the Emily Carr exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery. This was very enlightening for me, it was a reminder of my dream to one day go to Haida Gwaii, but also it reminded me of how imperfect art can be sometimes. Emily Carr’s strokes are rough and almost sloppy, yet she mastered the feeling of spirit moving through nature. I took so many close up photos of her brush strokes- as a reminder of how perfect imperfection can be. Artistically I’m working on loosening up my hard lines.


So mark your calendars for Saturday, December 17th, 2016. You can come explore my personal interpretation of our diverse country landscape.

T.T. so grateful to you and your adventurous spirit! Next year we head north?