Art Events in Northumberland

I love to share the love… and my last few blogs were wrapped up in my own personal travels and creations; but since September I have also been perusing a variety of other artists and purchasing a few “items” here and there…

Every September hosts the Northumberland Studio Tour. This year I checked out Susan McDonald (that’s her  pottery below), Kathryn McHolm, and Terry MacDonald. October brought the “Port Hope Art Connection” (which included the Pamela Tate Gallery), and Cobourg’s “Harvest Festival.” Oh my goodness- just too much to see, do and buy! I have been itching to get one of Jennifer Trefiak‘s new Ink works… and ended up buying two (images above).  I also, finally, met Krista Goddard of Dragonfly Studio (gorgeous and unique jewellery).

studio tour susan

I was sad to miss the grand opening of “Out of The Darkness” in Port Hope, but was fortunate to meet with Graeme Lawson and discuss a bit about his art currently on display at Coffee Public (FYI – best dark roast coffee in town). His bold work is worth the stop in Port Hope (his painting posted below).

missing women

Last week, an artist I’ve been following from British Columbia, Joni Young, put a few of her pieces up for sale online. Two I had inquired about months ago showed up in a post, and although one had sold I was very happy to purchase the other! I try to buy one piece of original art a year, and it’s never an easy decision or process because there are too many artists I love, and sometimes the prices are just out of my budget. This was divine timing for me!

joni young

With Christmas coming, I just thought it might be nice to share a few events happening in Northumberland during November and December. Go find an original gift for someone you love this year:

Looking for local art? Check out these galleries and cafe’s:

judy hopkins



The Canada Project Continues

Since my trip to Killarney at the end of August, I have been going non-stop. Over that last month I have re-visited the French River, Frontenac and The Petroglyphs. I feel very blessed to have access to these inspirational places, always a driving force behind my art.

I find myself extremely unfocused in my projects though. On top of the Canada Project I’ve started a side project of mini paintings from my trips. Plus a variety of other paintings I keep putting on the side line.


I finally cleaned up the studio and set aside all the little projects so I could refocus on the 13 Provinces and Territories. I am having a blast making little sketches, playing with colours, and watching the skies come to life in this series.

mini sketches

Three of the Thirteen are complete:

“Alberta Sunset,” “The Journey Begins- Yukon,” and “Gatineau, Quebec.” The next ones to be complete will be the Nunavut and British Columbia canvases.

Oh and I have started an event page on Facebook, for the art show which will be taking place on Saturday, December 16th. Mark your calendars friends, it will come fast!

Follow my art page too (Jennifer Anne Burke), if you want to watch this project unfold.