Pricing Art is Hard!

Canada: The Provinces and Territories project is coming along well! In fact, this is the most excited I’ve been about a show EVER. As time passes I’m becoming more and more clear and confident in my style and the quality of my work (I study and sometimes purchase other’s originals, and it helps me price my own art).

Since the Two Days In Jasper series from 2015, I have been determined to get my art out into the world. Over the last 2 years, despite my work improving and investing my own money into quality canvases and Golden Acrylics, I have never put my prices up. I always sell my “minis” for $100 and the 12″x16″ for $200, and I have never priced anything over $500.

As I start to see the value in my own work, and in others work/prices, I have realized this has to change eventually. I’m investing all my spare time into painting now, and although I enjoy it immensely, I also have to remember this time is worth money too.

Plus there’s the whole business growth thing… I work out of my home. My dining room is also my art studio. This is not unusual for most of us hobby-artists (and even some professionals!)… This show has pushed me beyond my comfort of clutter level (which is pretty  high), and I have been purging a ton of old things just so I can make space to create more. Currently the works are overflowing into the living-room, and we never eat at our dining room table as it has become the permanent work table.

I have gotten to the point where, I am producing enough (and selling enough) that I would eventually like to afford a separate studio space.  The natural and practical and necessary step is a hard but inevitable one: Prices are going up.

But here’s the deal for the show: if you see a painting you want and you pre-pay before December 16th I will sell it for the “old” price ($200). The day of the show the new prices will be $250. If you’re concerned about paying without seeing it, contact me and we will make arrangements for you to see it in person before you buy.

If I have time to complete some minis for the show (of Killarney and Georgian Bay) they will be priced at $150.

In the New Year I will start doing custom work again, with the minimum price being $200 per piece. I can offer free quotes, with prices going up depending on size, and time needed for details in the work.


Every year I choose one painting from my series to make into cards, and one for prints. There is limited qualities of each, and once they are sold out that’s that!

Prints of “Greeted By The Chief” are all sold out. There are still a few of “The Invitation” and there will be 20 prints of “Alberta Sunset.” Prints are $15 each.

There will be cards of “Greeted By The Chief,” “Silver Sun, Lake Superior” and “Squamish, British Columbia.” Cards are $5 each or 5 for $20.

Come check out the show on December 16th in Port Hope. Find a unique gift for yourself or someone you love (that person who has everything!). Gratitude for supporting the arts!



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