Art Commissions & Lessons

20190114_093634[2]Oh 2019, what to do with you! Since 2015 I have been painting like mad, hosting 2 art shows a year, and having seamless ideas and inspirations towards Canadian landscapes (and travel). I have painted images of every province and territory; and taken multiple trips west, and north. I have painted the Rocky Mountains, Alberta’s hoodoos, Lake Superior, Georgian Bay’s Killarney, and Lake Ontario. There is still much to explore in this vast Canadian Land, yet I find myself in a pause.

This pause is allowing me to do things I have not thought about, or done, before.

This pause is a form of creativity all it’s own: seeds get planted. Things can brew, gestate, and take root.

This pause is creating space for new work. For commissions. For opportunities to teach.

This pause in painting has inspired me to clear out old work, re-organize studio space, and start thinking about 2019 in a different way than years past.


This year I am allowing space for a few commissions. If you have a special place that you would like captured in a unique painting, send me a message. I will give you a free quote from a photo and discussion around sizes and details of the piece. You can view past commissions here: Custom Work.



Did you know I am also a Child and Youth Worker? I have been brainstorming ways to integrate the youth work with art and yoga.

In my many years of painting, I have taught many a kid how to create! From family friends, to children in my care, of all ages; And it is always a blast!

We could arrange a private art lesson for you child, a private group with their friends, or even do an art project at a birthday party!

Follow my Facebook Page for regular updates on this plan: Jennifer Anne Burke.


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