Artist Bio

Born August 25th, 1979. (Reborn August 2015)

I have had a passion for art since I was a child. It was a hobby I was lucky to have supported by family, educators and later in life my friends. Upon graduating high school in 1997 I applied for OCAD (Ontario College of Art and Design), had an amazing interview, and was accepted: but I started to struggle with my identity as an artist.

In 2004 after completing a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, I found my passion for art returning (living in Ottawa, I would visit the National Gallery every week, and working 2 weekends a month in Toronto I was visiting galleries and museums there). I reapplied for OCAD, was accepted again, and this time put in one semester.

Art has been a psychological challenge for me over the years. Being in art school really emphasized the “waste” and “consumption” world for me. I did not enjoy the social scene, the wasteful production before achieving an end result, and so much money down the drain… I quit school after the first semester, totally overwhelmed by the idea of wasting my time and money there. I could do this work without the education.

My biggest lesson from OCAD was that as an artist you constantly need to play and explore. In both life and in your work. Trees and night skies have been re-occuring themes in my sketch book, and I decided to finally take these to larger canvases and work in acrylics.

I did my first show “FLOW” in 2005, at a small pub in my home town and it was a hit. I sold both paintings and sketches, and had amazing feedback on my “Northern Lights” series.

In 2010 I hosted another show “FINE LINES” in my yoga studio, determined to sell off pieces before my big move to British Columbia. It was also a humbling success.

In 2015 I hosted a third show in my home “TWO DAYS IN JASPER” my most recent series inspired by a 2 day trip/drive through the Rocky Mountains, Canada.

At this point, I feel my journey as an artist has been revived. After struggling my whole life with the value of art, I now understand art does have a purpose. Art can uplift, inspire and heal. When I paint, I am happy. That is what I want those who purchase art to feel: Happy.

Thank you for your time, and enjoy exploring my Gallery and Japsper Gallery!





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