2023 | Artist Life

Are you following my social media profiles? I hope so, because that’s where you’ll get the most updates about this rollercoaster of an artist life I lead. You can find images of my paintings on Instagram, a variety of art posts on Facebook, and my videos on YouTube. You can also sign up for my “Artist Note” that I send out every other month (the next one goes out in March), direct to your inbox!

During 2022 I wrapped up my “Call Me Home” collection of 9 oil paintings, bold and beautiful Northern Ontario Landscapes. During 2023 I hope to explore more oil painting, writing, and road trips! Here is an example of what I’m currently playing with in simple, calm, landscapes:

“Lake Louise, Breathe” oil sketch

This year I will also be working more as a Child and Youth Worker, along with guiding daily yoga classes and occasional workshops. My allotted paint time gets rolled into that schedule whenever possible. One of my intentions for 2023 is to let go of the struggle I experienced last year, and step more into the natural flow life has to offer. On that note, I will end this blog with a poem, and a painting below:

The Artist’s Heart

The artist’s heart

longs for freedom

an unexplainable


for space and time

to dive into the depths

of one’s

creative spirit


wild with god

channelling through

our fingertips

through our voices

our actions

our creations…

the artist’s heart

cannot be held

or chained

or owned by

anyone other than

it’s muse

human or nature or

whatever it may be

the artist’s heart

is deep, and complex

and confused by


It says to be


unafraid to TRY

to always live

in ebb and flow

of creation and destruction


“Afternoon Sun, Revitalize” oil sketch (not complete)

Majestic Forest | Prima Essence

I was honoured when Sandra Topper of “Prima Essence” approached me about collaborating her oils with a blend inspired by my Canadian Landscapes. She had been brewing over this for about a year; of how to create an aromatic blend that would match our passions (and our love of trees). She describes it:

“After spending a great deal of time analyzing Jennifer’s work I have come up with an aromatic potion that matches the depth of colour in her cool sharp skies and striking silhouettes of trees.”

As a result we are introducing this limited edition oil “Majestic Forest.”

The journey begins with a classic conifer aroma punctuated by cool sharp notes of sweet birch, rosemary, sage and spearmint. A floral note of lavender appears at mid-range, while vetiver, violet leaf and vanilla provide the earth tone that is emitted from the forest floor.

Available in either a diffuser blend ($18) or perfume oil ($16). This aromatic potion was designed to transport your mind into a majestic forest, in order to find peace and restore your soul.

We do hope you enjoy this journey of the senses, visually and aromatically. You can purchase these from either myself or Sandra. I will have a booth at the St.Mark’s Christmas Market Friday, November 25th and Saturday, November 26th.

Image on roller-ball © Jennifer Anne Burke ‘Atop the Trees’ Lake Louise.