Vast Lands ~ Art Show

Mark  your calendars for July 15th, when Jennifer Trefiak and I introduce our newest collection of paintings at “Vast Lands.” Please drop in anytime between 1-5pm at St.Mark’s Church in Port Hope.

The show is inspired by Canada’s water, land and skies. Paintings will include landscapes from the Great Lakes, Georgian Bay, Frontenac, Gatineau, and Drumheller.

You can follow our Facebook Event Page for regular updates: Vast Lands.

We look forward to seeing you there! Last year “Earth and Sky” was a wonderful success. We are so fortunate to live in a small community that supports the arts. Remember we always have something for every budget; and if you just want to come say hello, and talk art, we appreciate that too!

You can also follow our Facebook Pages: Jennifer Anne Burke and Jennifer Trefiak.

See you soon!

Old Photos to New Paintings

Tonight I started cleaning my studio space, so I can paint tomorrow. In the process of looking for my Hoodoo photographs, I discovered a gold-mine of photos from my personal travels and hikes going all the way back to 2003. As a result, I pulled a few old photos out and found a wealth of inspiration.

Gatineau (2003), Quebec:

gatineau quebec

Emily Provincial Park (2004) and Petroglyphs Provincial Park (2015), Ontario:

emily park kia

Frontenac, Desert Lake, Ontario (2016):

frontenac aunt nancys lake

Killarney, Georgian Bay, Northern Ontario (2016):

killarney on easle

And of course, The Alberta Badlands (2016):

hoodoos summer show

I am super excited for the next art show: Vast Lands. If you’re in the area (Port Hope) July 15th please come see what me and Jennifer Trefiak have created!  I will try to write another blog by the end of June to show the progress of these painting… but for more regular updates you can follow me on Facebook or Instagram @burkeuntitled.

Hoodoo Fun

Imagine my amazement, as a Canadian artist, when a grade three class from Alberta contacted me about my Hoodoo paintings. They were studying Canadian Art as part of Canada’s 150th, along with studying the Hoodoo rock formations- so naturally my work spoke to them.

Since they contacted me on April 11th, we have exchanged about a dozen emails, and we even met one another via webcam on May 12th. I believe it was a fun and exciting month for us all!

I was so amazed by their questions, their interest in learning about art, but also in creating art. They had so many ideas: to paint cheetahs, kitty cats, dinosaurs, dragons, and the elements. When they sent me photos of their final paintings (of the Hoodoos) it literally brought tears to my eyes, I felt so happy and proud of them for creating these incredible works of art (only in grade 3!!! Great work kids!).

Here is some of their work, inspired by our Canadian Hoodoos in Drumheller, Alberta:

This fills my heart!

kids paintings 1

I hope I have everyone in!

Thank you to Mrs.Turk (in my opinion the best grade 3 teacher EVER!), for offering your students such a rich experience of art at this young age. They are truly blessed! Kids- keep up the amazing work! You’ve inspired me too ❤

Art: To Benefit Others


I’m a big believer in supporting our local community; whether it be shopping locally, investing in local artists, or contributing your services to others. Whenever possible, I love to share to my art- but if it can benefit others than that’s even better.

On Sunday, June 25th from 5-10pm, there is a Benefit For A Cause: For Kortney Matthews happening in Port Hope (click on the highlighted link to view details on the Facebook Page). Kortney is a young mother of four children, and she’s currently going through chemotherapy. I met her many years ago, and although we fell out of touch, I remember her as a happy person, fun momma, and strong spirited woman. It made my heart sink (for her, her husband, and her children) to learn she is going through this. Any support you can give them, I am sure is much appreciated.

My painting “Chippewa Falls, Lake Superior” will be there, and all you have to do is buy a few raffle tickets to get your chance to win it! You can view my other Lake Superior Paintings in the “North West Gallery” to see the price range on this series (this one is valued at $200).

Along with a raffle table, there will be a huge variety of vendors selling their merchandise, and live music! I hope you can make it, to help invest in Kortney and her family, and support our local community.

Please help us spread the word- share this blog with others or share the Facebook Event on your own timeline!

Port Hope Little Libraries


little library compass and lakesSince the New Year, this Little Library project has been consuming my head space, studio space and calendar space! I am so so so happy to have it completed, and so honoured to have been a part of this community project. Four other woman also donated their time and space to creating lovely Little Libraries, for local folks to “take a book, leave a book.”



I wanted my libary to have a Canadian theme: Not patriotic but just symbolic of our vast land, it’s natural beauty, and stay in tune with my personal style of painting (Canadian Landscapes). After a lot of brainstorming, I settled on the four directions, and chose the paintings and sides to coordinate to the compass on the roof.

North: Aurora Borialis

East: Atlantic Ocean/Light House

South: The Great Lakes

West: The Rocky Mountains.



Robyn organized the project, and reached out to a variety of local female artists to collaborate on the libraries. She is also the owner Maneki Neko Tattoo in Port Hope!


Jennifer is primarily known for her bold abstract paintings, but over the last year has been exploring her own style of “Northern Lights.” She is an artist located out of Colborne, Ontario.


little library catherine

Catherine has a soft, serene, dream like quality to her art. Keep your eyes open for her Little Library in Port Hope (it’s the four seasons).


little library allyson

Allyson is an art teacher; her library is full of colour and imagination!

I cannot wait to see these libraries up around town! May 15th they will start going up! If you see any be sure to post them on Facebook, and tag us artists if you can!


  • Art Show – July 15, 2017 – St.Mark’s Church Port Hope
  • Benefit for a cause: Kortney Matthews – June 25, 2017 – my painting “Chippewa Falls” will be there on auction, with all proceeds going to Kortney and her family.
  • Yoga Fundraiser: 20 dollars – 20 minutes – 20 people – Stay tuned for details.

Life Revival

I feel like life is reviving itself: Days are getting longer, we’ve had more sun and some mild temps. Things are moving, and getting done. Feeling good.

Be warned: I’ve been busy covering a lot of ground, this is like four blogs in one!

carol lynn wins hopewell rocksART CONTEST WINNER

First things first: Thank you to everyone who participated in the “Sharing The Love: Spring Equinox” art contest. There were some beautiful Canadian photos shared, and the winner is Carol-Lynn Mills (one lucky woman- I just finished a large custom piece for her, and now she’s won the custom mini-painting)!

This is her photo of Hopewell Rocks, when she drove out east and traveled through New Brunswick. What a perfect Canadian Landmark to be painted, cannot wait to get started!



This volunteer  project surfaced towards the end of 2016. I had the perfect vision for it, before I saw the actual “little library.” The original plan was to paint it like a 3D map of Canada- but the cedar shingle roof destroyed that vision instantly. So had to start brainstorming some new ideas. I really wanted to stay with my Canadian theme, but without it being too patriotic (visions of red and white, maple leafs, flags… not my thing). I love our land: Canadian wilderness, our natural resources, and the vast landscapes.

I decided instead of doing a map, I would focus on the 4 directions (North, East, South and West), with some sort of icon or landmark for that part of our Country. North would be Aurora Borealis; South will be the Great Lakes; East the rocky shores and light house; West the Rocky Mountains.

This is still a work in progress (will paint a compass on the roof, draw the outline of the Great Lakes on the glass door, and improve that mountain), but after sitting on it for five months, it feels good to have it going!


sweet soul the second


2017 has had me busy with custom art! This is my new favourite, inspired by the original “Surf” paintings, but modified to fit a tight kitchen space!

susan custom waves

Next on the list is this Canadian Prairies “Sinking” Church (Saskatchewan?). Such a cool photo, I’m excited to transfer this into a painting.

peggys crooked church


During the March Break I took a trip to Toronto, and had an incredibly powerful visit with my wise-old-soul-cousin Jessica. She’s been self-employed as a successful life-style photographer for over 15 years, and she had a lot of wisdom and ideas to share that certainly inspired me (below: photo credit and logo credit go to her).

Over the last few years I have kept my art separate from my  yoga business. However, between 2006 and 2010 I had my own studio space that I ran as a yoga AND art studio. It was a creative hub for the community. Jessica reminded me of this, and suggested I start collaborating the two businesses again. Since she planted that seed, there’s been so many other ideas growing.

Check out my fresh, new and improved, yoga blog: The Gentle Way of Hatha (also note the new ART tab there). You can find me on Instagram too, sharing photo moments of art, yoga and life.

Friends- Spring is here. Start planting some seeds to grow in your life, love, and passions! It’s time to revive.

Robert McAffee and Other Things Art

My personal online presence has been quiet lately. I have been busy working on custom paintings, delivering custom paintings, and struggling with ideas for my “little library” project that desperately needs attention. Since my last blog “Work and Play” I’m still mulling over all the same stuff… But this week I broke through my stuck-in-a-rut-restless feeling.


Visiting Robert McAffee early in the week helped re-inspire my drive to create. I was just planning on visiting the Coffee House (605 Brock Street in Whitby) and casually browse his work with a friend. When we arrived there was a meeting going on in his space, so we were sitting drinking our coffees when who walks in, but Robert himself. With some time to spare, we sat and talked about business. We looked at a few of his works hanging in the coffee shop, my favourite being the “Illuminated Sky.”


It was fun sharing stories, talking about shows and sales, along with the trials and errors of oil painting (my fails and his successes I suppose). Once again, I feel the pull to play with the oils I purchased last summer.

His work (also Canadian Landscapes) and personal motivation was highly inspiring. A reminder that I am doing okay, but still have a long way to grow as an artist; A reminder that we can succeed in this work if we are committed and open to growth.


Here are the new Lake Superior Cliffs I am working on (by request from the December show, you can see original little guy in center of first picture):

And here are the two custom works I finished in February:


I’m trying to grow my online presence through Facebook… and I need your help! The idea is to get as many LIKES on my art page Jennifer Anne Burke as possible, before the Spring Equinox on March 20th.

If you can help by liking and sharing my page, there is an added bonus: Post a picture on my page of your favourite Canadian Landscape, and I will put your name in a draw to win a free Mini Painting (8 x 8 inches) of your image. The value of the mini painting is currently $100 and I will ship it for free (within Canada only).

Here are samples of the minis I completed in the past:

jasper 4 in series cropped



Sharing The Love: Spring Equinox” is the Facebook Event Page where you can get more details. You can participate until midnight on March 20th and I will announce the winner of the draw on March 21st. I look forward to seeing everyone’s photographs of our amazing Canadian Landscapes!

Gratitude for participating in my artistic growth!