Cobourg Waterfront Festival | ART

How do you celebrate the Canada Day long weekend? Cobourg has hosted an annual waterfront festival, right on Lake Ontario's Victoria Beach/Park, for the last 32 years (52 if you include the first 20 years it wasn't officially called the Waterfront Festival)! The weekend includes a variety of events and entertainment. You will find the … Continue reading Cobourg Waterfront Festival | ART


Cobourg AGN & Waterfront Festival

ART GALLERY NORTHUMBERLAND (AGN) Museum Day weekend celebrations went wonderfully at the Art Gallery Northumberland. Thank you to everyone who came out! Great news, the shop asked to keep my work up for a few more weeks; so you can go see my "wall take over" until mid-June! If you want to check us out, … Continue reading Cobourg AGN & Waterfront Festival