Port Hope Little Libraries


little library compass and lakesSince the New Year, this Little Library project has been consuming my head space, studio space and calendar space! I am so so so happy to have it completed, and so honoured to have been a part of this community project. Four other woman also donated their time and space to creating lovely Little Libraries, for local folks to “take a book, leave a book.”



I wanted my libary to have a Canadian theme: Not patriotic but just symbolic of our vast land, it’s natural beauty, and stay in tune with my personal style of painting (Canadian Landscapes). After a lot of brainstorming, I settled on the four directions, and chose the paintings and sides to coordinate to the compass on the roof.

North: Aurora Borialis

East: Atlantic Ocean/Light House

South: The Great Lakes

West: The Rocky Mountains.



Robyn organized the project, and reached out to a variety of local female artists to collaborate on the libraries. She is also the owner Maneki Neko Tattoo in Port Hope!


Jennifer is primarily known for her bold abstract paintings, but over the last year has been exploring her own style of “Northern Lights.” She is an artist located out of Colborne, Ontario.


little library catherine

Catherine has a soft, serene, dream like quality to her art. Keep your eyes open for her Little Library in Port Hope (it’s the four seasons).


little library allyson

Allyson is an art teacher; her library is full of colour and imagination!

I cannot wait to see these libraries up around town! May 15th they will start going up! If you see any be sure to post them on Facebook, and tag us artists if you can!


  • Art Show – July 15, 2017 – St.Mark’s Church Port Hope
  • Benefit for a cause: Kortney Matthews – June 25, 2017 – my painting “Chippewa Falls” will be there on auction, with all proceeds going to Kortney and her family.
  • Yoga Fundraiser: 20 dollars – 20 minutes – 20 people – Stay tuned for details.

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Life-long yogini and artist. Child and Youth Worker. Passionate about Canadian road-tripping, camping, nature, and living life to the fullest.

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