May Muses

This has been a really fun, creative month for me. At the beginning of May we hung the “Second Self” show in Campbellford. Mid-May Jennifer Trefiak was a guest in my home studio, and she gave me a mini art lesson in oil painting. As the month is winding down, I picked up my developed film from “Henry’s” and now know my old Pentax camera still works! I’m in inspiration overload!

Oil Painting:

Film Photography:

In April I rediscovered an old pentax film camera, that had long been “lost” … it was a gift I received at 10 years old, and used well into my twenties. It had not been used in over a decade, and I decided to purchase some film to see if it still worked. After a two week wait, I finally picked up the developed images and to my surprise it DID work! The pictures weren’t fantastic, but they weren’t all “white” or washed out or dark or cloudy or murky… some of them are quite sweet and fun. I love the artistic element of the manual camera, and the how light touches the film differently then with digital images. They seem somehow magical to me.


After having those images developed, I was inspired to dig up old black and white negatives (from pictures my uncle took of us as kids, and I re-developed in high school); holy heart implosion!


This was the first roll of film I shot at 10 years old:

my first roll of film

Summer Show:

On July 28th in Port Hope, Jennifer Trefiak and I will be hosting our annual summer show. “Home” is a collection of Ontario Landscapes.

You can follow our journey on Facebook at Jennifer Anne Burke, or on Instagram @BurkeUntitled.

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Life-long yogini and artist. Child and Youth Worker. Passionate about Canadian road-tripping, camping, nature, and living life to the fullest.

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