Second Self and Other Stuff

Considering it has only been two weeks since my last blog post, I feel like a lot is happening! Jennifer Trefiak and I have the “Second Self” show set up in Campbellford, we are working on our next series of “Ontario” paintings for our annual summer show, and I have pre-ordered a sample calendar for 2019 “Canada: The Provinces and Territories.”  This and other news below…

SECOND SELF: Two Perspectives on The Canadian Landscape

Here is a sneak peak of our tiny exhibition at the Trent Hills Public Library in Campbellford. If you have a chance to view it before August 15th please do! Remember, these works will NOT be at the Port Hope show on July 28th.

It makes my  heart so happy to see these two Rocky Mountain paintings hanging side by side (2015 vs 2018):

jasper and banff

Other Canada Paintings:

J.Trefiak’s Wall:

jennifer t wall


On Saturday, July 28th the annual summer art show will take place in Port Hope. I have started a series of Paintings based on Ontario Landscapes, with a majority of them Lake Ontario. I am feeling a lot of excitement around these new pieces; for all the Canadian Landscapes I have painted over the years “home” has never been a focus for me. However, the more traveling I do, the more I appreciate the beauty around me. Here’s a few on the go:

lake ontario rays of light
“Glorious Lake Ontario”
dark dawn
“Dark Dawn, Lake Ontario”
ontario biggy
“Vast Land, Ontario”

There will be 14 paintings in total: including Lake Ontario, Rice Lake, Lake McGinnis (Petroglyphs Provincial Park), and Georgian Bay (Killarny Provincial Park).

The summer show will also have the sample calendar for 2019 (Canada: The Provinces and Territories). You can pre-order for the December show!

Colborne Art Gallery Juried Show

I did not get in; but you all know how much I love to support the arts! Once I saw the exhibit, I understood why. The few pieces that are on display are outstanding, and I am so proud of J.Trefiak for making it! You can also find her work for sale at “Polish” in Colborne!

Art in Nova Scotia

I feel like I know a lot of people who are planning trips out east this year (or maybe you know someone who lives in Nova Scotia?); so if you make it to Annapolis Royal be sure to check out Round Hill Studio and Gallery (the last of my matted prints are there for sale). I hope to make it there someday myself! More artistic goals…

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