Featured Artist: Sweet Coffee Club

Written by Lyss & Jeannette

Sweet Coffee Club is an interdisciplinary creative collaborative between two friends. We create surrealist photos based on original poetry. It’s a project we’ve been working on for almost two years, over the course of both of us becoming mothers alongside one another. Sweet Coffee is one of the first poems we worked from.

Sweet Coffee Club is unapologetically feminist. This work is about the lived experience of the women we are. It’s political and personal all at once. It’s soft and mean and spiritual and firmly grounded. We are white, and queer, and cis, and anxious, and sore, and tired, and settled, and vulnerable, and honest… but we don’t want Sweet Coffee Club to be just about those perspectives.

Our work aims to find connection, care, and empowerment through creative expression that centres our relationship with our Selves, our bodies, and a relationship with the earth.

You can join Sweet Coffee Club. Show us, however it makes sense to you, how you, in your body, find connection, care, and empowerment through your relationship with the environment around you. Mention us and hashtag your posts and stories #sweetcoffeeclub .


Having recently had our work exhibited at Happenstance Coffee Pub in Port Hope, we are proud to share a selection of that exhibit in a live show we will share over Facebook live at 3pm on Sunday, February 28. We’re calling it, “Targets For The Shadows.” We invite you to curl up and listen to live performances of nine original poems while the images we created to go with the poem are projected behind the performance. We will collect audience prompts before the event through the Facebook event and our Instagram and will create a poem and accompanying photo based on one of those prompts LIVE at the end of the event. Witness our process and join us in creating during these wild times.

Lyss Warmland is an interdisciplinary artist and activist. She is a writer, podcaster, producer, director, performer, and abstract visual artist. Mostly, she’s interested in the way people choose to tell their stories and how it keeps them well.


Jeannette Breward is a surrealist photographer with an academic background in fine art, photography, and film. Jeannette is also an avid crafter and visual artist. She’s passionate about capturing the truth of you.


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Life-long yogini and artist. Child and Youth Worker. Passionate about Canadian road-tripping, camping, nature, and living life to the fullest.

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