Featured Artist: Jennifer Trefiak

Hi, I’m Jennifer! I’m both a musician and an artist and I’m going to tell you some of my story.

I have always been drawing, painting, and creating. I first painted with real paint when I took art class in high school and I loved the feel of the paint on the surface and the meditative process. I was hooked, but I was not an outstanding artist. I was a band geek and so I concentrated on becoming a musician. Fast forward to me moving home to Alderville after realizing my music program in college wasn’t the right fit for me (and my mother was very sick). While continuing to perform music and work various jobs, I decided to buy some paint. These paintings were made just for me and my family. They were a way to be creative without the pressure and stress of performance. I haven’t stopped painting since.

Today, I paint landscapes of water, sky and land in an intuitive way. When I am in a place that is right, the land tells me. It’s something that I know deep inside and there is a spiritual quality to my process. When I return home with a camera full of photographs (to remember the feeling of that place) I begin a new series. As I paint, deeper themes come through to me. I listen to those art muse voices and allow them to be heard. That is why I call my paintings ‘intuitive landscapes’.

My themes have included topics such as water protection, the sacred femine, the meaning of place to First Nations people, Me Too and MMIWG. These themes occur indirectly within the landscape by either colour, mood, symbolism or title.

My current series in progress is about Community – what it means, who our community is, how we contribute, what we get back in return, and how we will reshape our community after the pandemic. To represent the Self and Community I am using trees in each landscape. Trees are known to communicate with one another through their roots and using pheromones so I felt they were the perfect natural symbol to use in this series.

Presently, I am honoured to be one of the artists featured in the Art Gallery of Northumberland’s upcoming Spotlight Series 3, which will come out this summer. Because of pandemic restrictions, the normally live event will be presented in a video format and will be screened in locations across Northumberland with safe measures in place. For more information on Spotlight Series 3, you may visit the AGN’s website: Spotlight Series 3.

I’d like to take a minute to thank Jenni for featuring me on her blog. She has been a wonderful friend and lifeline to me during the pandemic and our art chats and laughter are cherished moments. She is a brave, wise and solid tree in my community.

To learn more about me and my artwork, you may visit my website, www.jennifertrefiak.com, follow me on Facebook (@JenniferTrefiakArt) or Instagram (@jennifertrefiakart).

Published by JenniferAnneBurke

Life-long yogini and artist. Child and Youth Worker. Passionate about Canadian road-tripping, camping, nature, and living life to the fullest.

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