Northumberland Hills Studio Tour 2021

How exciting – the tour is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary! Almost every year since this tour began, I have attended (but never participated). I always discover new artists, and find some of my best gifts on this tour: paintings, photography, pottery, fabric arts, etc.

This year, for the first time, I am participating as a guest artist in the tour. You will find me set up in Campbellcroft with Steve Levinson (photographer). You can find more info on the website: Northumberland Hills Studio Tour 2021.

Be sure to mark your calendars for September 11 and 12, 2021.

A 25th Anniversary Road Trip – A Suggested Route

You could start the 25th Northumberland Hills Studio Tour in Gores Landing, then go west on County Rd 9 to Campbellcroft (You have visited four artists). Continue your journey down hwy 10’s rolling hills to Canton, then to Welcome (to drop in on two more artists). Continue south to Port Hope (where eight more artists are waiting to show you their work). You could grab lunch and pop over to lovely Cobourg (you will find four more artists around the downtown core). Perhaps take a coffee break in Grafton, then finish the tour at Wicklow Manor! Or do the trip in reverse! Or work out your own route!

Have fun, meet others, find some great pieces of art! Thanks for your interest and support.

Map of The Northumberland HIlls Studio Tour Artist Locations


Including their number on the map/tour, and website links.

  1. Denice Bustraen
  2. Jane Roberston
  3. (A) Steven Levinson and (B) Jennifer Anne Burke – me!!!
  4. Pamela Tate
  5. Kathryn McHolm
  6. Paul Bailey
  7. Carmel Bouzanne
  8. Chris Montgomery
  9. (A) Brenda Sullivan and (B) Ken Solilo
  10. Robyn K Town
  11. Martina Monroe
  12. Laurie Goldiuk
  13. Stanley Feldman
  14. Steven Gillberry
  15. Loretta Kaltenhauser
  16. Vera Litynsky

See you there!

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