Giving the Gift of Art

There are so many reasons why art can be a valuable gift to give (not just at Christmas, but any time of year).

As someone who not only paints, but also collects art, I really understand the impact it can have on it’s owner. We often think of art as “decorative” (and it can be) but it can be so much more.

I buy art that makes me FEEL something. Most great art will have a certain “mood” that attracts me to it. Sometimes it’s a colour, or the lines of the composition that I find satisfying to the eye. I love landscapes, abstract, and bold impressionism.

That being said, as an artist who also sells my work, I have noticed that my most popular pieces are of places people recognize. I sell many of my Canadian Landscapes to people who have traveled across the country. Rocky Mountains, Lake Superior, and Lake Ontario are common themes in my work.

If you are shopping for someone who is hard to buy for, think of these things:

  • What are their favourite colours?
  • What are their favourite places?
  • What mood do they generally have?
  • What do they talk about the most?
  • What are their goals and dreams, and what sort of art can reflect these things to them, or inspire them to follow through?

And hey art-lovers, don’t forget to drop hints about what you love and want from those who ask! What a relief it can be for someone to know you will love the art they are purchasing for you (sometimes surprises are over-rated, haha!).

Common Concerns for gift-givers:

NOT ENOUGH SPACE? Buy small! A little matted oil sketch, print, ornament, calendar, or even a fridge magnet can add a little burst of colour to a dark corner or become a useful prop in the kitchen!

TOO PERSONAL? You might be afraid to pick the wrong piece for the person looking for art. Maybe a gift certificate from the artist, or a custom piece from a photo or a place you know they love?

TOO EXPENSIVE? Most artists will offer affordable options if you cannot buy an original painting. Prints are generally a good option (on paper or canvas), but you could even frame a signed gift card or post card!

Now, stop over-thinking it and get creative! Buy some art for someone you love this year!

Published by JenniferAnneBurke

Life-long yogini and artist. Child and Youth Worker. Passionate about Canadian road-tripping, camping, nature, and living life to the fullest.

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