Art and Motherhood

“Mommy, I want to help!”

Does This Look Helpful?!
Does This Look Helpful?!

In the end I finished it at home two weeks later…

Frontenac Sumacs In The Autumn 2015
Frontenac Sumacs In The Autumn 2015

As my artistic journey deepens, I continue to stumble across blogs and articles about women, careers and motherhood. I should be clear: art is not my lively-hood, it is a passion and hobby I’ve returned to again and again over the years. In a way, because my other roles (Mother, ECE-assistant, yoga instructor, etc) are more urgent, my role as an artist often falls way behind the other ones. I’m slowly working on changing this, in hopes that my hobby can one day be apart of my business (yoga, wellness, art).

I will reflect more on the multiple challenges, articles and information I’ve been finding on this journey… but right now I have other work to do 😉

don't get lost detail 2

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