Organic Growth In Art

Feeling very blessed lately. Having gone through a lot of change in a short period of time, I’ve suddenly plopped down in a new home, with a view of the lake, and a weekend to myself to unpack and explore this new space. It’s an artists dream, truly.

This time to reflect on life, love and art is good for the soul. 2016 has been intense. Anyone else agree? Almost too much change, too fast, and not by choice. Yet, here I sit, on the other side of the chaos knowing it’s all been for the best.

breakthrough done cropped

In regards to art, I’ve been offered a lot of incredible insight, and as I continue to explore I am not disappointed. Simple things like upgrading the quality of paint I use, exploring different types of canvas (I love painting on wood now, and have started using heavy weight water colour paper to explore acrylics), and using a variety of paintbrushes and palette knives to create depth.

paint on wood grain

I thoroughly enjoy the organic growth that continues in my art. When I started exploring new styles with lines, I had no idea it would morph into so many different projects. It started as abstract, transitioned into my Jasper Rocky Mountains series, then transitioned again with the Breakthrough painting; and I have yet another idea for line layers that I will explore in the future.

In the meantime, my new thing is tall ships. This weekend I will be happy to work on these babies. The easle has been in storage for 7 months, it’s good to have it back!



I decided to become a member of a local art group “Spirit of the Hills” you can check out my profile on their website under Jennifer Anne Burke.

The original abstract series finally got named and donated to a local production group as part of a fundraiser for Greenwood Coalition in Port Hope. They will be for sale at their “Disordered Eating” event, happening this Sunday, April 10th at 3pm. Check out To The Roots on Facebook.

3 abstracts


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Life-long yogini and artist. Child and Youth Worker. Passionate about Canadian road-tripping, camping, nature, and living life to the fullest.

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