Canadian Inspiration


In June I saw the Harris Exhibit  at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO). Lawren Harris is my favourite painter from The Group of Seven. His crisp lines, cool blues, and his ability to capture the stark solitude of our Canadian (winter) Landscapes has captivated me since I learned about this art in grade seven.

It was not until 2004 when I saw his “North Shore, Lake Superior” painting at the National Gallery in Ottawa, that I wanted to someday visit the great lake myself. I will never forget walking into a random room at the gallery, with the painting to my back, and slowly turning around, I was stunned by it’s presence. It was the first piece of art I’ve viewed that filled me with emotion. Awe. The thick, smooth brush stokes, with that perfect warm yellow shining down upon the stark landscape. I went back every week to view it. I joke that it was my worship. Sacred time to study a painting. When I saw it in Toronto at his AGO exhibit, my heart was very happy. Like seeing an old friend.

It was a wonderful exhibit. I might have to go once more before it ends in September. A day with out my lovely boy, so I can leisurely view the paintings and re-visit the permanent Canadian Gallery too.  To refresh my passion of painting and nature, to inspire my paintings in the works, and to remember Jasper. I absolutely love that the exhibit ended with Harris’ quote “Every work of art which really moves us is in some degree a revelation- it changes us.” His work did that for me 16 years ago. Changed my perspective of the power of art.


This has been such an incredible summer for getting my work into the world. I have one of my final Jasper pieces in our local hospital. I had a successful art show “Earth & Sky.” I finished a custom painting that I hand delivered to The French River. Next on the list, is to have some work showing during the month of September in Port Hope at Ganaraska Framing.


Since visiting Jasper last summer, I decided I need to travel more. This doesn’t mean extravagant or expensive travels- but visiting places I have never been (and/or places I have) that inspire me to paint. This summer that meant driving north, finally, to Lake Superior. But the last year also included trips to Frontenac, the Petroglyphs, Monk’s Cove and Presqu’ile Park.

Each trip has  had some special and magical moments that I hope to pull forward in my art. Some I have photos and some only in memory and feelings.

mother and son

The next show is in the works for December; as you can see my son is helping motivate me! I think I have a third generation artist on my hands.




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