Blessed by Earth & Sky

No words can really describe the gratitude I’m feeling after yesterday’s art show. When you have a drop-in event on a long weekend, you’re taking a chance. Then when no one shows up right away you start to worry and wonder if anyone is really coming… and you remind yourself, no matter how the day goes, it was worth a try.

When flowers showed up from a friend (who has attended EVERY show I have ever done, this was the first one she missed), I felt so honoured. I knew then the day would be ok.

It was more then ok. People started coming through, at first none that I knew. They had seen the event posted on Facebook, in the local papers, or heard about it on the local radio station 89.7FM.

My friend from Toronto showed up, on way back from Prince Edward County, and what a wonderful help she was (thank you again Cheryl for your presence “Making Life Bright“)!

Next was Mallory from “SNAP Northumberland” – a lovely photographer eager to share our work in the community. She came at a good time too, shortly after Jenn and I started selling a lot of our art work.

People came from Belleville, Cobourg, Roseneath, Bomanville, and Toronto to visit our little show in Port Hope! Holy big appreciation to all of you who made the effort to help make our day such a beautiful success.

I sold all the line drawings, more prints, cards and children’s book too. Sold two of the original paintings (leaving only one of the original Jasper Series for sale at the Northumberland Hills Hospital).

jenns table

Bonus: I sold enough that I could also BUY the one I wanted to add to my personal collection “Still Lake.” Thank you Jenn for conquering this show with me!

Stay tuned for the next show… I have a trip to Lake Superior coming up in August, and I have a feeling it might inspire a new wave of art projects.




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Life-long yogini and artist. Child and Youth Worker. Passionate about Canadian road-tripping, camping, nature, and living life to the fullest.

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