I Like To Collect Art Too

Last week I gifted myself an original work of art by Herb Jung. I had been admiring some of his “Raven” paintings at Engine Gallery  in Port Hope a few months before, but they were WAY out of my budget. A few weeks later, some smaller crow paintings arrived- in my budget (mostly). Bonus, the painting is on top of Beethoven’s Symphony #9 sheet music (my favourite composer).


After checking out the Cobourg Water Front Festival on Canada Day Weekend I knew I wanted to start collecting original art. Lucy Manely’s stuff really jumped out at me, and I’m noticing a theme in the colours I’m drawn to (blues and purples and soft yellows). I can envision a wall of my collection by a varitey of artists in similar palettes.

birth of love

My first original purchase was “The Birth of Love” by Freddy Taylor, a few years ago, at Whetung Gallery in Curve Lake. I remember my hands trembling as I keyed in my password on the debit machine… thinking how the f*ck can I afford this?! But I did it, and I now look at art as an investment. Not just for my own profit, but it’s an investment in other artists. Giving value to other’s work. Honouring their journey and process and exploration of life and art. It’s an investment in the beauty and energy of my home, and inspiration for my own work. A reflection of my beliefs and dreams.

I will often makes small affordable purchases like prints, cards and merchandise to support artists whose original work I could never afford. They all add colour and inspiration to my life. I love to explore studio tours and galleries, and I find the best way to learn is to observe. To absorb every detail, colour and brush stroke of others work. Some speak to me, some do not. Symbolism and feeling are more appealing to me then technique or realism.

This is another one I’d like to add to my personal collection:

still lake

“Still Lake” by Jennifer Trefiak. Can’t wait for our show next weekend!

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