A Year In Review

One year ago, I held my first private art show “Two Days In Jasper.” It was a very small show, only 7 canvases (only 5 completed), quite experimental in my new style.

jasper 4 in series cropped

The show gave me a positive push into 2016  when I received my first commissioned piece (along with 3 others this year). It inspired me to co-host a summer show “Earth and Sky” with fellow artist Jennifer Trefiak (stay tuned for another July show 2017), which was an extension of the original Jasper series, adding 3 more to the collection. That show was also a wonderful success, and I knew my trip to Lake Superior in August would bring forth a whole new series.


What I did not expect, was a drive across Canada at the end of October, which inspired an additional 8 paintings, on top of the other 7 I had started from Lake Superior! I was planning to make December my annual art show, and my opportunity to share these 15 new canvases in “Paintings of The North and West.” By the time the show arrived last week, I had hustled my ass to get the last of my “minis” completed, but still had 2 unfinished canvases (Don’t worry, I will just bring them to the summer show). The show had paintings from Lake Superior, Alberta’s Badlands, Banff, and British Columbia’s Kicking Horse River Valley. I sold almost everything, only 4 canvases are left for sale.

Alberta’s Badlands (Hoodoos)

Here’s a few pictures from the show: on a side note the weather was terrible that day, so I was grateful to those who ventured out to say hello, and make some purchases too!

I made sure to bring some of the oldies too… along with the new pieces.

Some close-ups…


I already have 4 custom pieces in the plans for the New Year. My goal for 2017 is to paint some really large “Hoodoo” canvases, and play with some smaller canvases of Kicking Horse River Valley (those blues and blacks really speak to me).

There will be another summer show co-hosted with Jennifer Trefiak in July (you can follow her on Facebook). Details to come at a later date… and I’m hoping to take a trip to the North West in August 2017 (Haida Gwaii).

And then of course, another annual Christmas show in December 2017.

Remember you can follow my journey on Facebook: Jennifer Anne Burke.

What would you like to see more of in 2017?

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Life-long yogini and artist. Child and Youth Worker. Passionate about Canadian road-tripping, camping, nature, and living life to the fullest.

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