Work and Play


There is something deep and brewing in me and I don’t know what it is. I recognize this feeling- usually the beginning of the new, still yet unknown. It’s a huge part of my creative process… a restless ache to create, but what?

I’m creating like crazy- I have 3 custom works on the go, 9 other canvases prepped and planned, I have a “little library” project that has to be done before spring, but none of it is settling for me right now.


I need something new and different and outside my box. I need to step away from the “work” and step into the “fun”… the free flow of expression, without any expectation of the result.

It’s time to work with a personal, expressive, fun, piece of art. I’ve done a lot of personal work from landscape perspective… but always with the idea and plan of a show or sales.

It has been a very grey start to 2017. My son and I have been battling colds and flus between  us since January 1st. There has been so little sun, and it’s made me feel very dark and moody… but it also inspires.

The water, the colours, the range of blues and greens, and silvers and greys, and even the little bits of white snow and shiny ice. It all makes me want to paint. Explore. PLAY.

In July 2016 I bought myself a set of oil paints. After starting some backgrounds on 3 small canvases, the paint took so long to dry I never went back to the project. Tonight I might play with those oils.


So… the next blog might be about the pros and cons of oil painting haha…

Published by JenniferAnneBurke

Yogini since I was 17. Certified yoga instructor since I was 24. Totaling over 20 years of experience. Thousands of hours of practice, teaching, learning, sharing, loving, growing. I believe yoga needs to be made accessible to all people, even if that means simply practicing breath work. My business is named "The Gentle Way of Hatha" because from my personal experience it is the gentle practice that has been the most liberating, and what I wish to share with others. The essence of yoga: inner peace. Finding your calm in the chaos of life. Artist my whole life. Failed OCAD (well I didn't really give it a chance, I dropped out after one semester). Continue to create regardless. Check out to view my work. I love to travel, and hope to make it to Iceland in 2020 for an art adventure.

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