Under An Arctic Sky

I finally watched this documentary, by Chris Burkard. It had been calling me for awhile, but I didn’t take the initiative to watch it until someone else had, and they suggested I check it out. MIND BLOWN. Go watch it.

chris burkard photography
Chris Burkard Photography

As an artist, those pristine landscapes are a dream (I’m working on a new Northern Lights painting now); but it was the people in the movie that fascinated me just as much. Sharing this intense experience (cold water surfing), faced up against so many challenges (the worst storm in Iceland in 25 years), and the harshest winter elements (storms chasing them off the ocean), and yet they did it.  People like this inspire me, motivate me, and remind me to dream big. But more importantly: chase the dream. Get. Shit. Done.

beginnings northern lights
Rough Practice Canvasboard

Speaking of getting shit done… I finally finished the application for the Colborne Art Gallery’s 6th juried show. Even if I am not accepted, I felt this was an important step for me getting outside my self-created art world. Dipping my toes in the small community art scene…

lake ontario rays of light
“Glorious Lake Ontario”

I have also added a new gallery here on the site, committed to my Ontario paintings. This will include all the new pieces I’m working on for the July show, as I complete them. I’ve also been touching up and finishing up some older pieces for the May-August show at the Campbellford Library.

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