Hello 40!

Hello 40!

40. You are finally here!

I have been excited for this landmark birthday since I was 25… It seemed to hold so much promise, excitement, and wise-woman-wisdom. It has seemed mysterious and so far away.

But before August 25th arrived, I was struck with a few trials and tribulations that made me reconsider my excitement.

The first challenge was at the beginning of August, I saw a photo of myself, with my grey hair shining… and I thought “oh, yuck… I look so old.”

This was totally out of character for me, since I love my grey hair (and love it on others too). I think it’s brave and brilliant. Yet, with 40 on the horizon I started to wonder… should I darken it one last time? And I did, and now I am looking forward to the grey again (haha)… I realized the dark just really isn’t who I am anymore, and that’s okay. The dark is temporary and will fade out…

The second challenge came mid-august when I got shingles. Wha?!!! I was fortunate it cleared up quick, but I had a few days of intense pain, and cancelled yoga classes. As the superstitious know bad things come in threes so…

The final, and most devastating, of the challenges came the day before my birthday. I checked myself into emerge with intense abdominal pain. Thankfully I did not need the appendicitis surgery the doctor was preparing me for; but I did need bed rest and pain killers which resulted in my missing out on, not just one, but two big celebrations.

happy birthdayHappy Fucking 40th, right?

(The “Happy Fucking Birthday” image was taken from Amazon, you can buy the sign here: https://www.amazon.com/Threemart-Birthday-Decorations-Premium-Supplies/dp/B01MXN5JSV?ref_=fsclp_pl_dp_3  )


I have been 40 for 6 days now, and I will say each day is getting better (HAHAHA!)… I have follow-ups to make with the doctor and have been getting lots of rest (I had already booked this week off thinking I would be party-ing it up!). I am re-learning what I discovered 4 years ago (on my 36th birthday): The importance of Radical Self-Care.

Over the years I have practiced this self-care in a variety of ways. Always aiming for 8-hours of sleep and drinking lots of water are a few examples. Walking where/when I can, and spending a little bit of time every day near the lake or in nature (all seasons). Sometimes my self-care includes time for guidance cards, meditation, writing, or my personal yoga practice. I try to treat myself to a day-spa once a year, and regular massages or energy treatments with local therapists. Dry brushing before a soak in Dead Sea Salts is good for skin and circulation. I am loving the lavendar candle I was gifted, and my new “Jade Roller” for my face and neck. A few places to check out if you want to start your own self-care rituals are:

Through these tiny rituals I have been slowly regaining my energy and motivation. My mind is clearing again, and I can feel myself becoming excited once again for the days ahead. I have so many goals for 40: Write my yoga manual and design a new teacher training, teach more workshops, plan my seasonal art shows and introduce my new oil paintings, and continue to plan a trip to Iceland (hopefully 2020!)…

Thank you to everyone who continues to walk this wild life-journey with me! Hello 40!


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Life-long yogini and artist. Child and Youth Worker. Passionate about Canadian road-tripping, camping, nature, and living life to the fullest.

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