Keep On Truckin’


What a strange time, in the calm before a potential storm, of this covid-19 pandemic. How are you spending your time, as the world around us (at least in Canada) slows down?

I am trying to do as little as possible, and avoid as many people as possible. A lot of this is beyond our control (I was notified that our yoga groups can no longer gather at the current locations).

When I titled this blog “keep on truckin'” I didn’t mean – keep on living life as normal. I meant it’s time to do something productive, at home. I’m looking at this as an opportunity to do things that have been on my “to do” list for  years. Like finish writing my yoga manual. Maybe write another simple song that has been brewing in the background of my mind. Create. I unpacked the art studio again, and got out the oil paints… and the 8th Juried Show for the Colborne Art Gallery is coming  up. I wasn’t going to enter this year, because I didn’t have anything new, but maybe I will by the end of this month… and even if I do none of these things, I have a ginormous pile of books I’ve been wanting to read that I never get to.


What’s your plan for the next few weeks? I hope something that can ease your mind and soothe your heart. Share in the comments below!

Published by JenniferAnneBurke

Life-long yogini and artist. Child and Youth Worker. Passionate about Canadian road-tripping, camping, nature, and living life to the fullest.

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