Featured Artist: Barbara Bromley

Written by Barb.

Creative expression has been a journey. Variety being the thread of all endeavors from early childhood years to retirement years. Freedom to explore and encouraged to reuse/recycle materials was nurtured by my mother; a single artistic parent. Collages on 9ft living room walls for all to see was no problem.  I never thought twice as a kid; collecting fun bits of garbage to glamorize a $5 dollar mirror to then be displayed above our couch and coffee table whose sole purpose just days before was a shipping box.

It is second nature to create something from nothing as I passed on in the 90’s teaching creative techniques in workshops to fellow daycare workers across Canada. In early years watercolour was my favourite medium. In these later years; having the time; affordability and energy use of fluid and ink acrylics have been used more regularly.

Over the years attending a few workshops and lessons consistently hampered my desire to keep things flowing on an unconscious relaxed level. The most useful comment made was “do not be afraid to use colour” so wow did I take that literally.

Around 2015 my methodology was deliberate with intention of all work being in abstract form and that each piece was in fact experimental and coming from an unconscious state rather then schooled principles. The use of great quantities of paint on large and small canvas. I had a few series develop out of finding purpose in the actual doing. For instance my own style of dots that became a meditation exercise; or back in early days when spraying water and watercolours was an act of playfulness or when intricate doodles became a way to just be in the moment.

Painting furniture is something to go back to; people have recommended but that is fairly labour intensive so we will see. My pieces have been shown in some solo shows in my community and in retail small business and offices; cafes and in gallery settings. The last show at Edward Jones just went up before Covid hit. It was the more thought out project and ironically called “Light at the End of the Tunnel.” 

I continue to explore photography and currently abstract mixed media landscapes in acrylics. I am deeply gratified daily; surrounded in nature that gives way to creative spirit and artistic thought and process. I am grateful for the chance to share a little of what I do!

You can follow my creativity here:

Instagram: @BarbaraBromleyArt

Facebook: Barbara Bromley Art

Published by JenniferAnneBurke

Yogini since I was 17. Certified yoga instructor since I was 24. Totaling over 20 years of experience. Thousands of hours of practice, teaching, learning, sharing, loving, growing. I believe yoga needs to be made accessible to all people, even if that means simply practicing breath work. My business is named "The Gentle Way of Hatha" because from my personal experience it is the gentle practice that has been the most liberating, and what I wish to share with others. The essence of yoga: inner peace. Finding your calm in the chaos of life. Artist my whole life. Failed OCAD (well I didn't really give it a chance, I dropped out after one semester). Continue to create regardless. Check out JenniferAnneBurke.com to view my work. I love to travel, and hope to make it to Iceland in 2020 for an art adventure.

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