Oh Those Skies

During the process of painting for my Canada: The Provinces and Territories series, I knew I wanted to try something large scale after that, focused on sky. The Canada paintings were a chance to try out some new ideas and techniques with clouds, blending, flow and even iridescent paint.

I fell in love with how the light hit the canvases, and made the skies change depending on where you were standing when you looked at them. The Ontario one was especially enchanting to me.

ontario skyAnd so, this week I started a large scale canvas (30×30 inches), and for the first time I am painting from my own idea of “Ontario.” Obviously inspired by the other paintings, but unique to itself with no specific landscape in mind.

Today I painted from 7am til 4pm, with a one hour break in the morning to eat, and a one hour break in the afternoon for a walk (also, I ran out of green paint and needed to buy more). I’m starting to understand, how important self-care is when you are an artist. How easy it would be to paint ALL DAY without eating or leaving the paint space. I feel frustrated not to have anything completed after 7 hours invested (note to professional artists: how does your investment of time balance out with income?!)… and yet, without those breaks I have a feeling I would have messed something up. Food gave me fuel and the walk cleared my head.


Yesterday I found out Jennifer Trefiak and I will get to show our work at the Campbellford Library for 3 months (May-Aug 2018)! This is giving me the motivation I need to complete the Canadian landscapes I’ve been working on all year, on the side (Hoodoos and Killarney). Plus my two new large canvases (shown above).

We will also be having our annual summer show, in July or August (stay tuned for date) with our theme being focused on Northumberland.

If you want to follow my art journey you can find me on Facebook: Jennifer Anne Burke or instagram @burkeuntitled.

Published by JenniferAnneBurke

Life-long yogini and artist. Child and Youth Worker. Passionate about Canadian road-tripping, camping, nature, and living life to the fullest.

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