Lake Ontario Love


Okay, if I’m honest, Lake Ontario is not my favourite Great Lake (Superior is far superior!). However, over the last year I have really come to love the moody skies and landscapes that I witness every day. The sunrises and sunsets, the breaks of sun-rays through the clouds, the unlimited colour palettes, and no two days are ever the same. It’s pretty awesome, and a bit of an artist’s dream, really.


The sun-rays!

Winter magic…

So, after a month of painting hiatus, this morning I decided it was time to get back at it.

prepped canvases

I’ve roughed out the sketches, and prepped the canvases, and while that paints dries here I am blogging about it… Super excited to share this next series.

As an artist, I tend to paint as I feel inspiration, and when I do that things just seem to flow so effortlessly. When I approach this as work, or as a job, or as a scheduled necessity I run into trouble. I also had myself in this mind-frame of:  YOU CAN’T START ANY NEW PAINTINGS UNTIL YOU’VE FINISHED THOSE OLD ONES! Oh man, why limit myself? I think that was where half of my creative block was stemming from!

I have 9 unfinished paintings, and have started 5 new ones this morning. I still have a larger blank canvas I’m saving too. Why do I do this to myself? (kidding- I love it all). Instead of blocking my creative flow, I’m just going with it. I know some awesome Lake Ontario landscapes are being channeled today… Those hoodoos and rocky mountains will just have to wait a little bit longer.

waiting game.jpg

Want to follow the process? You can find me on Facebook as Jennifer Anne Burke and Instagram @burkeuntitled.

Now, back to the studio!

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Life-long yogini and artist. Child and Youth Worker. Passionate about Canadian road-tripping, camping, nature, and living life to the fullest.

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