Today I was up early to paint, and managed to get a few more layers down on some pieces. This series “home” has been a fascinating learning curve for me. I’m watching my style change slightly, as I focus more on boldness and precision. I have really enjoyed working on landscapes so close to my heart, such as the four below of Lake Ontario.

lake ontario minis

In some ways my lines are loosening up, but the edges of those lines are getting sharper. I’m using a lot more white “outlines” to make clouds jump out, giving skies a somewhat surreal feeling. I am using a lot more paint, and a lot more layers, and find myself spending way too much time perfecting the edge of a line.


I have four out of fourteen canvases complete; and thankfully the other ten are almost done, but I am finding it surprising how long some of the details are taking. Pressure is on for the show July 28th!


At the three-hour mark today I made my first mistake on my Monk’s Cove (tree) and decided it was time for a break. Now I’m afraid to go back to anything too detailed out of fear I’m going to mess up more! (hence the blog)

sunrises almost done

These are two sunrise images, and I am loving the crispness of them- but those tree silhouettes ugh!! I need a day just to focus on that. I also tried using “payne’s grey” in the winter landscape, instead of the traditional black, for the trees and quite like it.

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Stay tuned for the finished products!

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Life-long yogini and artist. Child and Youth Worker. Passionate about Canadian road-tripping, camping, nature, and living life to the fullest.

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